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common issues when exporting data

Exporting data and importing it into a new tool is a pain. Each system has different requirements, and when you look at what you export it often doesn’t look anything like what you’ve been asked to provide. Every import has its quirks, but we want to share some common...

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intro to pricing analytics

analysis what, how, and why a detailed examination of anything complex in order to understand its nature or to determine its essential features : a thorough study -  Merriam Webster Dictionary Analysis is everywhere. It's the next silver bullet, it can solve all your...

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what is a ticket?

Selling Quality not Paper We already shared why pricing is important, now we discuss what a ticket is and how to tailor it to your customers. To do this, we examine what is sold and why that matters to setting a price. What is a ticket? A ticket’s purpose is the same...

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modern ticket pricing

Our mission at th!nkpricing is to make sure you have the latest knowledge on how pricing can help your business improve. In this series we want to look at why pricing is so important, how changing your product classification and pricing can help you locate new...

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How Online Reviews Affect Willingness to Pay

Imagine you are planning a trip to see a movie. You mention it to one of your friends, who immediately tells you they have already seen it and it stinks - they advise you not to waste your money. How likely would you be to still go and see the movie? In our last post,...

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