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How Online Reviews Affect Willingness to Pay

Imagine you are planning a trip to see a movie. You mention it to one of your friends, who immediately tells you they have already seen it and it stinks - they advise you not to waste your money. How likely would you be to still go and see the movie? In our last post,...

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The Ultimate Guide to Willingness to Pay

The great Roman statesman and philosopher Seneca the Younger once wrote: “We no longer wonder what things are, but how much they cost”. He coined this line a little under two thousand years ago, but the words remain impressively relevant to our own modern world of...

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Don’t just Price Dynamically, Price Smart

Amazon, Airlines, Gas stations and Hospitality. What is the common aspect of all these industries? They are using Dynamic Pricing. But what do we even mean when we say Dynamic Pricing? Let’s shed some light into this mystery and find the crucial difference of Dynamic...

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Which Pricing Strategy Should You Choose?

Finding the right price for your product or service is tough. Just simply calculate your costs and add a markup is not enough anymore.     Whether you are a total beginner or already advanced in pricing, this blog will introduce you the five main models for pricing...

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